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Save AtS
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Save Angel.

Angel The Series is a spin-off of the cult classic show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel developed a following -- some from Buffy, some new to the world. Either way, it is a much-loved show, with great characters and kick-ass arcs and storylines.

Now it's getting canceled.


A revival of another cult classic show, by the name of Dark Shadows, is going to be running on WB -- where Angel currently airs. Dark Shadows, though similar to Angel in the fact that it can be considered a vampire soap-opera is a startlingly different show. But the WB, from all apperances, does not think that two shows with the focus on vampires can co-exist on the same network.

And Angel gets the axe.

But as a loyal fan of Whedon, the series creator, and AtS, and Buffy, I don't wanna see that happen.

Do you?


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What If...?

If this does not work, one way or the other, it can -- and will -- be used to help preserve the memory. If it does, well, hey, we can gloat all day, and think about how WB should've thought twice before they messed with the fandom. :D

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